Doyen Sports, ECA, EPFL, Spanish League and FC Porto defend TPI model

Nélio Lucas, CEO of Doyen Sports, was one of the panelists during today’s debate on TPO/TPI (Third-party ownership/Third- party investment) in football held by the “Sports Intergroup” of the European Parliament.

Other panelists included representatives from UEFA, FIFA, EPFL (European Professional Football Leagues), ECA (European Clubs Association) and FIFPro, as well as Javier Tebas, President of the Spanish Liga de Futbol Profesional and Daniel Lorenz, Head of International Relations at FC Porto.

During his intervention, Mr. Lucas defended the extinction of TPO: “the very idea of investors owning another human being is ludicrous, we abolished that idea hundreds of years ago. TPO must be exterminated from the game outright”.

Doyen Sports’ model, known as TPI, is a viable alternative source of finance much needed by the large majority of football clubs in Europe. Up to 80% have no liquidity to face the growing pressures of competition and the dominance of an oligarchy of rich teams.

Georg Pangl, General Secretary of the EPFL (European Professional Football Leagues, Secretary General of EPFL, as well as Wouter Lambrecht, Head of Legal Affairs at ECA, both detailed the benefits TPI can have for football, as well as the need to regulate the sector, as opposed to banning it.

The TPI model was recently validated by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The decision in the case won by Doyen Sports over the transfer of Marcos Rojo totally rejected all claims made by the Portuguese club Sporting, as well as those presented during the hearing by institutions such FIFPro and UEFA to defend the ban on TPI.

In Doyen Sports’ model, as the CAS also concluded, the club’s independance is entirely guaranteed, thanks to exit clauses which allow them to, for example, reject transfer offers. The player’s independance is not even questioned, as they are never a part of the contract.

Mr. Lucas finished his speech by calling on the European Parliament to take on the responsability of regulating TPI activity: “a democratically elected body representing millions of Europeans is the only instance that can produce decisions affecting thousands of clubs and millions of fans all over the continent. Clubs need to see their freedom to choose sources of finance and investment preserved, and this cannot be left to private organisations with questionable ethical reputations and no democratic legitimacy such as FIFA”.


Doyen have been subject to attacks on their privacy by “Football Leaks”

The documents, some of which are true, others manipulated to increase the media and the public’s interest, were obtained through a cyber-attack on Doyen Sport’s servers.

The documents have been regularly published only because Doyen Sports did not give in to the pressure and demands (avoiding the use of more adequate terms to define the situation) of the authors of the Football Leaks website, who ironically label themselves as champions of transparency in football.

Doyen Sports has taken the appropriate measures to identify those responsible for this attack, whilst we reiterate our position: We have nothing to hide, we act purely according to principle and in defense of the institutions and people we work with, namely the football clubs who are our main partners. The case has been handed over to the competent authorities since the beginning.

Doyen Sports is far more than an “investment fund” as is continually reported. We are a 360º sports industry agency, representing players, providing consultancy for numerous clubs on the transfer market, and developing marketing and commercial strategies for some of the most famous athletes worldwide.



Doyen are proud to announce a long term extension to the partnership with NR Sports for the development of Neymar Jr’s image and brand. This new deal will strengthen Doyen’s association with NR Sports, the exclusive holder of Neymar Jr.’s image rights, in a strategic partnership that will see both companies further collaborate across all areas including athlete career management.

The partnership which started in April 2013, will see Doyen continue to provide new business opportunities for the FC Barcelona and Brazil superstar, on behalf of NR Sports. Doyen will continue to bring their experience and expertise, building the brand and commercial partnerships globally. This cooperation will also extend to Neymar’s Institute based in his hometown Santos.

One of the most prodigious talents in world sport, Neymar Jr. capped a treble winning 2014/15 season with a goal in the Champions League final against Juventus. Since the start of this season, Neymar Jr. has continued to play at a fantastic level, scoring 16 goals in 17 games for FC Barcelona and earning a place in the Ballon d’Or top three.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Managing Director Simon Oliveira said “Neymar Jr. is a very special talent with a real desire to be successful in everything he does. We are pleased to continue working with Neymar Jr. playing a more relevant and active role in his off the field career. 2016 will be another pivotal year with the Olympics in his home country leading up to the World Cup in 2018, where he will be one of the most iconic players of that tournament.

This announcement comes after the player further enhanced his sponsorship portfolio with a deal to become the global cover star for Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series and a brand ambassador for PokerStars. The 23 year old who has over 110 million followers across his social media platforms has become one of the best players and most popular celebrities worldwide.

Doyen has already made a significant stride in the industry. Allied to a roster of talent that includes David Beckham, Xavi Hernandez and Boris Becker the company has also established a managerial partnership in Holland with Muy Manero for the representation of young talent including Steven Bergwijn, Abdelhak Nouri and Calvin Verdonk.

Parallel to its work with talent, Doyen are at the forefront of new platform creation with investment in the digital football platform Squawka and the establishment of Time Run, an exhilarating escape the room adventure. The company has also produced the cinematic documentary ‘Class of 92’ and recently announced its collaboration in a new feature length film following Usain Bolt in his preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games.